The National Organization of Business Managers is dedicated to providing the tools necessary for managers in all functional business areas to perform at their best.

As a member of the National Organization of Business Managers, you will have access to information that will improve your job knowledge and help advance your career path. Whether you are  a manager in operations, marketing, R&D, finance, or accounting, the NOBM can help you reach the next level.

  • Global Network of management Professionals Knowledge of local business practices and management techniques is important as companies do more business around the world. Our members provide the insight and experience to those looking expand their business globally, or just one country at a time.

  • Operational and Managerial support  From industry specific operation guidelines and SOPs to translation and GAAP requirements, our members get access to the information other managers wish they could get.

  • Resource Checklists Whether you are launching a new product, creating a new division, or changing asset management systems, talking to the people who have done it before will be a lifesaver. They have created the procedures and checklists that help move things along faster and more effectively. 

  • Industry information and Statistics Wouldn't it be great to have access to industry specific information that might not be readily accessible to your competition? Imagine learning from another manager's experience with previous focus groups, product testing procedure pitfalls, or managerial accounting methods. This is one way NOBM members get further ahead in their profession.