Our Mission

The mission of the National Organization of Business Managers is to provide a shared platform for managers from all functional business areas in order to build upon best practices, contribute towards improved efficiency and productivity, and improve the overall effectiveness throughout the organization.

Our Members

Our members come from a variety of industries, from large multinational organizations with tens of thousands of employees, to small startups with less than 25 employees. Most have years of management experience in specific functional areas such as operations, marketing, human resources, finance, R&D, and accounting. From product managers to vice presidents and even CEOs, the National Organization of Business Managers includes members from all levels of management who share a willingness to improve management efficiency and help others do more. In return, they become better leaders, discover new solutions to their challenges, and build a stronger network of peers. 

Join Our Community

If you´re interested in helping to define the standards for best business practices, have the experience and knowledge that can benefit others, and enjoy communicating with like-minded managers, we'd like you to become part of our organization!